We’re grateful to our contributors. Without them and their contributions, much of the history of our Tolman ancestors would be long forgotten. We express our thanks to them, and hope that many more will contribute to the Tolman Family history.

Loraine Pace (William Alvin)

Arlow Freestone (Martha Myrtle Tolman Freestone)

Patricia Ann Miller (Mary Elizabeth Tolman Glenn)

Ruth Ann Tolman Baker (William Alvin)

David Larson (Mary Alice Tolman Larson)

Hattie Stinger (William Alvin)

Jaren Tolman (William Alvin)

Kay Badger (William Alvin)


We’re also grateful for those who have contributed to the development and maintenance of this web site.

Ben Baker (William Alvin)

Trent Larsen (Mary Alice Tolman Larson)

Trent Badger (William Alvin)